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August 2009 'UPSC Mains' success of ZFI Fellows


Temporary return of original certificates

Terms of ZFI Fellowship

ZFI selects and sponsors the coaching of a limited number of 'ZFI Fellows,' i.e. academically meritorious and financially deserving candidates with an interest in appearing for the highly competitive Civil Services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission of India (UPSC).

The Civil Services offer about 850 positions a year, out of a pool of 1,93,000 yearly candidates - i.e. 0.44% success rate.

Candidates are selected after an extensive application, test and interview process.

Candidates are encouraged to gain admission to premier coaching institutes of Delhi such as Vajiram, Synergy, Sri Ram, Ensemble, Interactions. Their fee is paid by ZFI directly to the institutes. They are provided accomodation and food at ZFI's hostels.


Per the 2007 Sachar Report prepared by the Indian Prime Minister's High Level Committee , India's largest minority group are Muslims - constituting 13.4% of the total population or about 150 million citizens - perhaps making them the second largest Muslim community in the world.

However, the Sachar Report found that this minority community lagged behind nearly all other groups in India, including the so-called 'untouchables,' in terms of social, economic and educational status.


The underprivileged status of India's minority Muslims is also seen in the Indian Civil Service - which is a crucial government organ overseeing implementation of national policy and resource allocation.

India's minority Muslims constituted 1% to 4.5% of the civil services, judiciary and government jobs - predominantly as clerical  or janitorial staff, despite being 13.4% of the population.

The ZFI Fellowship aims to alleviate the lack of representation in the Civil Services, via a merit-based approach.


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A list of competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC can be accessed by clicking here

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